Metal- and Textile Designer & Master Silversmith

  • Jewelry and Utensils
  • Unique objects of art, silver objects in small series and objects using high quality Gold and Gems
  • Any other materials that can be used in designing
  • I will gladly also design an individual piece personally for you.


A sense moves within me, which gets expressed in my creative work. When hand and heart work together the object conveys this inner voice and sense. And then the visible form invites the observer to re-experience what I have sensed. In this way the "breath" of my work inspires and moves without words.

  • 1960

    born in Stuttgart, Germany

  • 1976 - 80

    Staatliche Berufsfachschule Kaufbeuren-Neugablonz Silversmith apprenticeship with Nikolaus Epp

  • 1980 - 84

    Journeyman in various workshops

  • 1984 - 86

    Tittmoning, own atelier

  • 1986 - 88

    HHanau, drawing academy, master examination with Alexander Zickendraht and Franz Bette

  • 1988 - 89

    Hanau, drawing academy, guest semester enamelling

  • since 1990

    Steinfeld in Franken, own atelier

  • 1990

    Participation 5th Triennale Contemporary German Arts and Crafts

  • 1994

    Participation 6th Triennial of contemporary German arts and crafts

  • 1996 - 1999

    Acting School in Freiburg

  • since 1997

    Freiamt near Freiburg, own atelier